From support to consultancy

Blanken Medisch Adviseurs is a specialist medical consultancy founded in 1994 by Dr. Blanken. Dr. Blanken in his work as a rehabilitation doctor, he was confronted with victims of traffic accidents and industrial accidents. He noted that there was a need for specialized medical support for advocates of these victims.

Blanken Medisch Adviseurs has grown into a renowned consultancy firm. Our clients appreciate our dedication, in-depth knowledge and the quality of our services, which results in many years of collaboration.

Blanken Medisch Adviseurs carried out assessments of those affected by the Fireworks Disaster in Enschede and the Café Fire in Volendam on behalf of the Dutch government. Dr. Blanken has led a working group of medical experts that examined those affected by both disasters. Dr. Blanken also led the committee that established new disability scales for cosmetic and psychological injuries for the benefit of those affected in Volendam and Enschede.

Doctor Blanken has established an independent treatment center for rehabilitation in the Netherlands with locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Noordwijk and Valkenburg.

In Belgium is Dr. Blanken works as Head of Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of a general hospital and has a private practice in Antwerp.