Our team

All medical advisors that are working for Blanken Medisch Advies are clinically active as specialists and perform medical advisory work in addition to their clinical activities. Therefore, all the medical advisors and consultants of Blanken Medisch Advies have access to the latest medical research and developments.

Dr. W.C.G. Blanken

Dr. Blanken studied medicine in Amsterdam and graduated cum laude in 1987. After completing his military service as a medical officer in the Military Rehabilitation Center in Doorn (NL), doctor Blanken specialized in Rehabilitation in Rotterdam and Utrecht. In addition to medicine, Dr. Blanken studied Law and Italian Language and Literature.

  • Dr. is registered in the Register of Judicial Experts
  • Dr. Blanken is a member of the Dutch Association of Rehabilitation Doctors
  • Overseas Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK)
  • Mitglied of the DGPRM (D).
  • Was active for 33 years as a reserve officer of the Medical Service of the Royal Netherlands Army.

Doctor Blanken is married to Dr. Blanken – Twisk, Immunologist, and has 6 children.

Check out his career story below!

Our Team


  • W.C.G. Blanken, Founder and Director, Specialization: Rehabilitation
  • A.J.T. Blanken – Twisk, Academic Advisor, Specialization: PHD Immunology
  • M.A.J.T. Whites, Medical Advisor, Specialization: Psychiatry
  • MSc E.A.J.J. Whites, Statistical and Actuarial Advisor


  • Petra Klinzing, Head of Secretariat
  • Hennie van den Dool, Head of Secretariat
  • Lenie Hommerin, Head of Secretariat
  • Marianne de Bruyn, Head of Secretariat
  • Madam Willy Kleinmoedig, Curaçao
  • Mevrouw F. Rolleman-Lensink, Invoicing and Financial Administration
  • Geart Vledder, Secretary employee
  • Sytse Vledder, Secretary employee
  • Claudia Veldhuizen, Secretary employee
  • Noor Voesten, Secretary employee
  • Karlijn Neerijn, Secretary employee
  • Dakota van der Horst, Secretary employee