Your accident

Assignments are accepted from victims’ advocacy groups and, in individual cases, from victims themselves. Doctor Blanken and his team only accept orders from victims and their representatives and therefore do not work for insurers. Blanken Medisch Adviseurs assesses files in the context of legal liability, for example after traffic accidents or accidents at work.

Personal and protected file

Blanken Medisch Adviseurs takes care of the entire process of information provision, keeping the file up to date, prognosis of future problems and the realization of a final independent medical assessment in the event of traffic and industrial accidents. A personal file is created for each victim. The file is kept administratively carefully, whereby the rules for privacy of the accident victims are closely followed.

Our employees are bound by the guidelines of the KNMG and the Order of Physicians in Flanders.

From accident to maximum treated situation

Employees of Blanken Medisch Adviseurs will regularly contact you to find out how you are doing. Blanken Medisch Adviseurs keeps your file up-to-date by requesting information from your practitioners. If desired, advice can also be given about additional research and treatments. In that case, Blanken Medical Advisers will contact your GP or other practitioners. Additional research can be requested on request. Where necessary, one of Blanken Medisch Adviseurs’ doctors will also examine you and prepare a report.

In general, the medical advisers of our agency can provide advice across the board. Where necessary, Blanken Medisch Advisers can request support from an extensive network of consultants in various medical fields.

Blanken Medisch Adviseurs monitors your file from the accident to the maximum treated situation, ie until the maximum recovery has been achieved. At that time, Blanken Medisch Adviseurs will draw up a final advice with which your representative can settle your file with the liable insurance company. In the event of serious injury or serious residual symptoms, a final expert examination often has to be carried out. Blanken Medisch Adviseurs will ensure that you are examined by independent and experienced medical specialists. Blanken Medisch Adviseurs assesses the medical report of this expert. Blanken Medisch Adviseurs guarantees for you that the medical follow-up of your accident file receives the optimal attention and the care it deserves.

Cost estimate

The services of Blanken Medisch Adviseurs are reimbursed by the liable insurer in a personal injury file for which liability has been acknowledged. As a victim, you will not be charged at all.

If it is still unclear whether liability will be accepted, your representative or you will receive a quote and an estimate of the costs.

An accident with personal injury?