Medical Error

Assessing any culpable careless or incompetent medical action, a medical error, is difficult and often time-consuming. Not all treatments are straightforward and not all complications are medical errors. Blanken Medisch Adviseurs has many years of experience in assessing these types of files.

Your treatment and your medical file

It is important that the story about what happened to you is placed next to the medical file. Blanken Medisch Adviseurs will therefore request your complete medical file and discuss it with you. One of the components that is important when assessing such a problem is whether the requirements of informed consent have been met. Furthermore, it must be assessed whether practitioners have adhered to the guidelines of their professional organization. In those cases, where very specific knowledge is involved, Blanken Medisch Adviseurs has a network of medical specialists who can each give an opinion in their specific field.

Careful and motivated advice!

Blanken Medisch Adviseurs handles these kinds of problems with due care. Blanken Medisch Adviseurs provides clear and substantively motivated advice. This advice indicates whether a liability claim is feasible and useful.

Cost estimate

The costs of our work may be eligible for reimbursement by your legal expenses insurance. If not, we will send you or your representative a quote for our work.

Victim of a medical error? Let’s take a look at your file!